Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Saucy Minx

OK, ok so technically it's pasty minx and I'm not that minxy but it you have to admit, it was a great title!

I sourced some cheap saucing tomatoes (seconds, $1.50kg) so decided to make tomato paste out of them. I slow roasted them (they were commercial and not home grown so this was to help bring out the flavour) with some local olive oil for a few hours, then put them through a food mill, then put them in the crock pot overnight  (or a saucepan during the day) to slowly cook off the moisture. Then I gave them the fowlers/water bath treatment for storage.



From 20kg of tomatoes I got about 15  small (about 250g) jars - that will keep us in pizza for a year if nothing else :)


Mashelly said...

YUMBO..we bake our tomys with some o oil garlic and paprika and slow roast then eat them on crackers..

i am intrested in your container you have your bottles in there .the white one it looks plastic.. do u preserve in a way i may not have seen before???
cheers Mashelly(als)

Margo said...

Hi Mashelly - I was only at your blog an hour or so ago :) The plastic thing is a fowlers simple preserving unit - it's an electric one. This was cheaper than the full on stove top version as I didn't know if I would really get into preserving. I now have a canner which can double as a waterbath preserving unit

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