Monday, 31 August 2009

Not your average sunday roast

It's been a long search, but I have finally found a small producer of grass fed beef locally (about 40km away). They raise Welsh Black cattle, and this is what they say about their beef:
The cattle are free-range fed on pasture grass supplemented with hay and natures minerals to give the meat a natural flavor. The cattle are hormone and GE free and are not routinely drenched. We do not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides on the property but only apply natural products like seaweed fertilizer.
The meat in the pack is welsh black steer raised on our property to 3 years of age. The meat has been aged on the bone for three weeks to give tenderness and full flavor then packed on trays for convenient freezer storage.
What they don't say here is that the meat is ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!  Fabulous flavour, real beef colour (no preservatives) and a good bit of marbling too. We had a T-Bone steak last week, and it seemed almost sinful to have any condiments with it.

With this find I can now say that 100% of the meat (pork, lamb, beef) in the freezer is local, from small producers, and is all bred for flavour (large black pork, welsh black beef, wiltshire lamb). Come late spring we may also be able to say all the chicken is home grown. Wouldn't that be fab?!

So it seemed rude not to have a roast beef sunday, but this time something a little different. As we were going to be out and about in the afternoon I decided to make a pot roast and pop it in the slow cooker.
It was just too easy to prepare:
  • brown the meat
  • throw a sliced red pepper, basil, a sliced red onion and a sliced carrot into the slow cooker
  • add the meat, then top with a jar of home grown tomatoes and their juice, and season to taste with salt and pepper
  • put on the lid and leave for 6-7 hours on low
  • if you like, thicken the sauce with a bit of cornflour before serving. We had this with mashed potato and broccoli.
As an extra treat I made meringue and a small pavlova to use up the 8(!!) egg whites I had leftover from making Gary Rhodes bread and butter pudding on saturday. That's dessert sorted for this week.


Aussiemade said...

Oh your roast sounds so delicious. I love crockpot style things. Think I will give your recipe a go.
I too am fortunate to be able to buy locally produced great quality meat that is organic. It does have a totally different flavour. I love knowing the people who produce my meat.

Gavin said...

Looks absolutely delicious Margo. I wish I could get my hands on some non-feed lot beef. Unfortunately due to the high demand for beef these days, grass fed cows are a scarcity. You have found yourself a great place to live.


Margo said...

Thanks Gav - the taste was pretty good too - as were the leftovers on a toasted sandwich at lunch LOL.

It took ages to find these folks though - maddening as beef is reared all around here just couldn't get anyone to sell me some! In the end it was by accident as the lady we get our pork from was getting some beef to make "bull and boar" sausages

I have to agree all-in-all it's a lovely place to live...apart from the bushfire anxiety in the summer. But heh, nowhere is perfect!

Tully said...

YUM!! Slow cooker is not much use to me, being on generator power, but when we get the wood stove....hmmm.
Good old King Valley Free Range Large Black Pork and their Bull and Boar snags!! Wish I was down there to try some.
Oh, and by the way, can I come and live with you :-))))

Margo said...

I'd love to have a wood stove. Well, I do have one actually but it's behind a chimney so I can't use it for cooking. We often fantasise about knocking out the chimney, replacing the stove with one with a flue and a cook day :)

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