Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Not again!!!!!!!

Yep, again.

Big wind = more enormous tree limbs falling on our fence, and on other trees.

At least this time they missed the chicken coop and the new gate. At least 3 huge limbs fell, judging from these trees (L) - and there's still one hanging there waiting to fall. There used to be a nice shady native tree under all that mess that the chickens liked to sit under (R).

So it's time to call our friend with the chainsaw as those branches are too heavy to lift, let alone move. Really, I am very tempted to get all these trees pulled down and replaced with something else!

Heaven help any rabbits that decide to wander in - they will be doggie dinner!!

Over on the other side of the garden there's more evidence of the wind - although hard to see in the photo - I found small branches from the gum trees (L of pic) embedded in the fruit cage fence (r of pic). Now THAT's windy!

There were also a few wattles down on the driveway that I had to move so Jerry could get to work. Relatively small ones - one (about 7 ft tall) was completely uprooted.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Margo, what a pain in the neck! I'd be tempted to lose them all too.

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