Thursday, 12 March 2009

There's rain in that thar gauge...

At last check there was 10mm rain from today - HURRAH! This is the most rain on one day since 17th December 2008. In fact this year's rain stats are looking pretty depressing
  • Last year in the period 1 Jan - 12 March we had recorded 46mm (and measuring didn't actually start until Feb 2nd). This year in the same period we have had 24mm.
  • The last best rainfall day was on 22 Jan - nearly 2 months ago, and that was only 4mm
It's true that we get most of our rain in July-Sep, but we would normally expect to have had 20-30mm a month to this point.

Maybe it's time to start re-defining normal?


Pete said...

Don't worry, Marge. We're sure to bring rain with us when we visit (we always seem to). So just hang tight until July!


HerbmanAndy said...

I'm huffing and puffing and trying to blow the rain to you Margo. I need a week of sunshine to dry out the mud so we can get a driveway and lay turf. But then I want it the rain back please *smiles*

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