Saturday, 21 March 2009

Here a tom, there a tom

Everywhere a tomato...or that's how it seems at the moment. So far we've picked over 26kg (I haven't remembered to weight every picking), but I'm hoping for many more, as there is still plenty of fruit on the vines.

I've just put 5 bottles in the fowlers unit to preserve - I even took the time to skin the amish paste's before quartering them! I don't bother to take the skin off the small ones - these are perfect for a quick pasta sauce.

You can see the remnants in the baskets, along with the courgettes-on-steroids!!!! These will be worm food as I was so busy last week I didn't have time to do anything with them, and they've started to go a bit icky.

The last pic, my keen eyed readers will notice, is NOT of tomatoes. They are two of the tastiest, juciest peaches I have ever eaten. These and their 10 siblings were the total harvest from our peach tree - but we were delighted as it's the first year it has given us any fruit.


Kelly the City Mouse said...

Impressive colors! We got something obscene like 45kg this year. We stripped the plants over the weekend and I'm SO glad to be done with tomatoes for the year!

What's your weather like there? Our tomatoes started ripening around Xmas and are gone now. Is that an odd season for these parts?

Margo said...

We're in NE Vic and higher up than you so our seasons run later. We can't plant out toms, peppers etc until after the last chance of frost (normally early November!!) so March tends to be the main harvest time. Dec/Jan harvest for Adelaide sounds about right to me...but I'm certainly not an expert!!

At this time of year we're down to the 8-10 range at night, but still in high 20s/low 30s during the day. But we did have an unusually cold December which set everything back compared to last year. I love this time of year though with the cool crisp mornings. Makes a big relief from the 40s. I just hope it stays warm enough long enough for the pumpkins to really ripen.

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