Thursday, 19 February 2009

Snapshots of yesterday

Yesterday I made 11 jars of lemon jelly, and canned 4 litres of home grown tomato and courgette mix.

While I was working the welcome swallows were teaching their young where the best bugs could be found........or maybe they were just supervising my kitchen work!

I spent quite a bit of time working...

but still managed to fit in a load of washing

and I found a new recipe to try from the latest Good Food Australia mag (potato, chick pea and spinach curry). Of course I added extra chilli so Jerry wouldn't notice there was no meat!!!!!

Tonight I'm trying a chicken salad with peach salsa from the same magazine. I know it's naughty to buy them when I have so many cookbooks, but there are so many tasty things to try, and the shiny cover and glossy food pics just call to me from the newsagent ....

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