Thursday, 12 February 2009

Fire update - things calming down

Here's the latest from the fire services.

Update as of 0200hrs 12/02/09

Yesterday’s continued calm weather conditions have allowed fire fighters to make good progress on a number of important back-burning operations within the Beechworth Fire area.

Fire crews are patrolling and mopping up where possible overnight and will continue to work on containing fires today (Thursday) including back-burning and bulldozer work.

The fire was downgraded from alert to 'awareness' yesterday, and at the community meeting we attended the district commander was reasonably confident that (barring unforseen weather conditions) they would be able to mark the fire as contained by the weekend. There's still lots of work going on down the road from us on mopping up, backburning and taking care of dangerous trees, but we're not in danger - so we were a lot luckier than others further south that are still going through it all.

I just want to say again that I think the CFA are absolutely brilliant! Our favourite winemaker has been out there all week, in his own vehicle, fighting fires. I can't say enough about their tireless (and often unpaid) dedication. Please, if you see or know any CFA / Rural Fire volunteers in Vic or in your state - tell them what awesome humans they are for doing what they do!


Kelly the City Mouse said...

SO glad to hear from you! And even more pleased that they're getting your area under control. Our brother-in-law is in Fire Brigade, so we're still waiting to see if he'll be called out to Vic.

I hope the winds keep blowing in your favor.

Susie said...

Mom and I are very glad that you and mom and all are OK!!! Terrible really, but still we are so glad you all are OK! Love Susie

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