Sunday, 30 September 2007

New floor pt 1

After many delays, it is finally time to say bye-bye to the threadbare carpet and get some new flooring in most of the house. Unfortunately that means:
  • packing up everything on shelves, in sideboards etc and moving it to one of the 3 bedrooms that are not being re-floored
  • dismantling and moving all the shelves / furniture etc
  • ripping up all the old carpet and underlay

So it's been a fun weekend of packing and moving!

It has also been a very dusty weekend. I was horrified to see the amount of dust coming from in the carpet, on the underlay, and even under the underlay! The haze in the photo on the left is the flash illuminating the dust in the air, and the brown on the floor in the right photo is dust - the slab is the gray streak you can see in the dust. Thank goodness the vacuum has an excellent dust filter!

I hope it's all worth it!!!!!!!!

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