Wednesday, 12 September 2007

More spring garden renovations

Jerry's work is never done. He spent last weekend redoing much of our fruit cage watering system - converting it all to either weeping hose or drippers that can all go under the mulch. He's also putting in a new tap to run the under-much weeping hose watering for our potato crop, and laid out weeping hose watering on a couple of our other beds. He also cut up some old cardboard sheets to put in between the beds to keep the weeds down. Oh, and for an encore he built an additional border of pavers around the main bed inside the fruit cage!

Well done Jerry!

Meanwhile the spring cabbages are coming along nicely, the broccoli still keeps on going, and my greenhouse tomato empire seems to be thriving (55 seedlings so far, all happily growing in recycled coffee cups from Jerry's work. Another 35 or so seeds are on the go on the germinating trays!)

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