Monday, 26 February 2007

New Friends for Freddie and Lily

So much for good intentions - nearly 6 weeks since the last update. It seems poor old Jerry hasn't got the hang of blogging yet! Anyway, now that I'm unemployed...or rather self-employed (which is almost hte same thing at this point!) I will try and be more diligent.

Fred and Lil are beside themselves with excitement as they have some new things to bark at. Banjo and Cuddles, a couple of local horses, have come to visit and eat our grass. With the drought it's getting to be desperate times for people with grazing pets, and hand feeding is very expensive. So we're playing host to a couple of mobile lawnmowers for a month or so. It is quite funny watching the dogs go mad barking at hte horses, who SO don't care. And then the next minute they are touching noses and licking each other through the fence :).

On the garden front, we have a glut of courgette, and the tomatoes and cucumbers are doing very well. The beans are starting, and another crop of lettuce, broccoli and silverbeet are on the way.

Jerry has also been busy redesigning the garden. We're putting in boxes to help make it a bit easier to walk around the garden, and to rotate crops. Then we need to bird-net them as the feathered ones are so hungry they will maraude through anything at the moment. We also need to put shade cloth over the tender plants as it's still averaging 30+ every day. Sigh.

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