Wednesday, 17 January 2007

January Garden update

It's about this time of the year that I get very nostalgic for freezing fog, grey skies and rain. Definately the rain. Average temperatures are running around 36, and the hot wind is just a treat! Yesterday we did get a few showers, and also a fairly impressive hail storm (see photo), but the temperature didn't really cool down below the mid 20s.
In the garden some things are doing well - but we really have to stay on top of the watering. After a dodgy start the snow peas (Mange tout) are appearing like crazy, and the cucumbers and courgettes are doing well. I'm pretty disappointed with the pumpkin vines, with only about 30% of the seeds even germinating, so I don't think we will be repeating last year's success. The abundance of flowers on our potato plants is promising, and we've already harvested a few. I'm looking forward to being able to potter a bit more in the garden when I finish work next month.

L-R: hail, mange tout, courgette/zucchini

L-R: harvest, corn, potatoes

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