Monday, 6 January 2014


Back from holidays and there were a few cabbages in the fridge from our veg box scheme that needed some love. Kimchi is the answer!  This Korean fermented cabbage dish is super easy to make, and I like it a lot more than sauerkraut.

I followed the recipe from the excellent Joy of Pickling book, but there are load online too. After 12 hours in brine I added minced ginger, garlic and a Japanese 7 chilli blend to mine ( like it hot) and into the cheese fridge (a wine fridge I bought at a garage sale for $25) for 3-4 days. The cheese fridge keeps it below 20 degrees but above fridge temperature, to allow fermentation to occur. I sealed the top of the jar with a food grade plastic bag filled with more brine - this allows air to escape but keeps the contents sealed from nasties.

Once it's reached a good taste, then just seal the jar and refrigerate. It keeps for months.

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