Saturday, 23 November 2013

Dining spanish style....and longing for salads!

Spain isn't the best holiday destination for vegetarians....there is a decided lack of salad or vegetable offerings However, as Jerry's favourite things are meat, cheese and potatoes he was in heaven - although after two weeks of green-free eating even he was feeling nostalgic for some vegetables or salad. Here's a sample of some of our holiday meals.

Apple stuffed with beef and lamb mince - I must try this now we are home as it was delicious. I followed it with cheese and quince paste at Origens in Gracia. We ate here twice and really enjoyed the food, wine and service.
 Tapas for lunch in Barcelona ...again :-)
Tapas Madrid style - croquetas, meats and ceviche, followed by mojitos. But not just any mojito, I ordered the regular one, but we also tried the watermelon and (award winning) banana version. The banana one was the hands down winner. Amazing
 The best chocolate pastry of the whole trip (and I tried a LOT in at least 4 countries!) in Madrid
 Meat and potatoes, Madrid style
Relaxing at Alhambra in Granada with tapas: eggplant and honey, and more croquetas

More Granada tapas, and finally churros and chocolate...not the healthiest breakfast :-)

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