Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Tackling zucchini / courgette overload

With the courgette (zucchini) plants going into overdrive (I picked 1.2 kg this morning) I thought others down under might be in a similar situation, and looking for creative ways to use them up. My favourite way to use up a good amount of courgette (400g) is to whip up a batch of Dixiebelle's chocolate and zucchini brownies (non gluten free version with regular flour).

They are really delicious, and no-one every guesses that courgette is the main ingredient unless you tell them (love watching the look on their faces when that happens!). I use sunflower oil instead of coconut oil, and I normally make them with raspberries as I like the tart counterpoint to the rich dark sweetness of the cocoa. I've also reduced the sugar by half with no negative effects on either taste or texture, and I normally use brown sugar.

Today I made a batch but this time used dried cranberries (a generous handful or so) and they've turned out quite well. I still think raspberries are the best addition, but the cranberries are not bad at all. So do your taste buds a favour and make a batch soon. In fact it is almost worth growing a courgette just so you have the excuse :-)

Apologies to my northern hemisphere friends whose gardens are burried under the snow at the moment - I hope you thaw out soon!

Disclaimer: Dixibelle didn't put me up to this - in fact I don't know her in "real" life, but I enjoy her blog and she often posts great recipes 


Anonymous said...

Piccalilly is another use for zuccini glut. I've ad choc chip and zucchini slice too and it was YUM! I also just made zucchini and lemon curd which tastes lovely.

Tat Bestwood said...

I heard a story of a town in the Midwest of America somewhere where the only time they ever locked their car was zucchini season.

Apparently they would get back to their cars after church (!) abd they would be full of zucchinis :)

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