Saturday, 24 March 2012

Not blogging - studying (and, er, blogging)

Sorry for the prolonged absence. Work became more work and has now become "I have an assignment due in 8 days". Paradoxically the assignment includes making a blog - just not this one  - so I'm working on that one this week.

In the meantime here's some recent photos of the harvest:

Been roasting lots of tomatoes for passata

 This was a super-local dinner. Local rabbit, (traded 2 for a bottle of wine) with home grown carrots and turnips and local red wine. Lovely. Got 6 meals from one bunny so very economical.


Anonymous said...

Oooh rabbit is yummy! Looking at the tomatoes, I've just (as in just now) finished performing in the play "A Bad Year for Tomatoes". So fun!!! Hope you do well in your assignment.

quilt happy said...

can't wait for our garden to go in the ground

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