Saturday, 10 December 2011

Saturday in the kitchen

It's been productive day. I have made 28 jars of jam, jelly and chutney - redcurrant, redcurrant and jalapeño (an experiment), blackcurrant jelly, strawberry jam and cherry chutney. I also have cherries soaking in vinegar to make sweet pickled cherries, and strawberries steeping in white balsamic for a strawberry vinegar.

I've pitted 3kg of cherries and dehulled 2nd of strawberries (thank goodness for a without a trace marathon on tv and a rainy day!). Don't ask me how much washing up I've done!!

Time to put my feet up with a cold glass of something I think. I hope you're having a good weekend what ever you're up to.

1 comment:

dixiebelle said...

Great work... recurrant and jalapeno, hey, hope it works!!

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