Monday, 5 September 2011

Weekend garden and kitchen activities

Next weekend we're doing a major remodel (aka man with a tractor wreaking havoc) so I transplanted some rhubarb to it's new home.
This weekend I also collected seeds from  a home grown QLD Blue pumpkin, and made another dozen jars of lime marmalade.
For dinner tonight:  Matron's Rhubarb Blondies and made a slow cooked pork cheek dish based on this recipe. Not in that order of course - although I suspect Jerry wouldn't mind! Thanks to Elizabeth from King Valle Free Range for giving me the pork cheek to try!
We found 9 kg (!!) of potatoes while clearing out an old garden bed for remodelling, plus picked a few kilos of rhubarb before moving the plants.
And last but not least, my new sourdough culture is coming along nicely (RIP Henry who "died" from neglect after 10 weeks away). Must think of a suitable name.....


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