Thursday, 16 December 2010

Freedom for Freddie!


After 15 weeks, 2 cruciate ligament surgeries incl arthroscopy (each with an 8 screw titanium plates), 3 lots of x-rays, 6 local vet visits, 6 day trip to Melbourne for the specialist vet surgeon (5am starts and 8 hrs driving each time), and unmentionable credit card bills, Freddie got the all clear to "be a normal dog again" yesterday. Hurrah for no more being tied to a tree, and no more being on a leash outside the house! Hurrah for being allowed to jump up into the car, on the sofa and on the bed! Hurrah for no more "barking all day cause I'm bored".

I've been so impressed by his recovery from lame to walking normally almost overnight with the surgery - it made the recovery period harder as he seemed to feel just fine after about 3 days. He'll never sit "like a lady" again due to the knee realignment, but he is walking and running with no limp in either leg and no signs of discomfort. That's the most important thing.
 What a nice Christmas present for everyone!


Enchanted Moments said...

Thats one happy dog....x

Margo said...

yep, he's delighted!

thanks for stopping by

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