Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Manic Sunday part 1

Sunday was a whirlwind of jobs, cooking and harvesting....

First there was berry picking - the chickens are ever hopeful they will get a few mushy ones!

Then it was time to convert some of these berries into Jelly and jam

I made redcurrant jelly, brambleberry jelly, brambleberry jam, and also froze a few kg of brambleberries for later crumbles.

The berry harvest so far:
  • Brambleberries = 6.5kg
  • Redcurrants = 4kg
  • Blackcurrants = 600g
  • Raspberries = about 500g
Next item on the agenda was my first attempt at playing butcher with some of the pork we helped to grow....more on that in the next post


Kelly the City Mouse said...

That's so impressive! Do you have a list somewhere of everything you guys are growing? Or a garden layout? I'm really curious! As for butchering, you are brave and bold. We'd raise food-animals but we are too squeamish about the butchering part.

Margo said...

Actually I'm not as brave as you think...butchering is just what the butcher dows (cutting up the meat)...the euphemism most oftenly used now is 'processing' for the actuall killing part. I've processed a few of our chickens, but nothing bigger than that. Not sure I could manage it. However there are 'roving' butchers and slaughtermen as an option so we would use one of them if/when we get goats. For the rest see my next post

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