Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Potatoes and pots

Well, it's that time of year again - I've kept the seed potatoes as long as possible in a cool dark place, but it was time to chit them and then plant them out. This year I'm growing Kipfler, Bintje, Ruby Lou, Spunta, King Edward, Dutch Cream and Toolangi Delights. Yummo!

I'm planting in a few places. Last weekend we made a new 'hybrid' potato bed - it has about 20cm of chook litter & soil, mushroom compost and soil - gave it a good water, then planted the potatoes in. Then we laid weeping hose on top of the soil, and covered with a thick layer of pea straw (it's still frosty here for the next few weeks).

We kept the bed together with star posts, corrugated iron (from the tip), and straw bales - then a layer of square garden fencing to stop the chooks flying in and making a mess!

I still have 24 tubers to plant, but these will be going in a full no-dig bed in the main vege patch.

When we went on our usual Saturday afternoon outing to the tip (Jerry takes me to all the best places!) we found someone had thrown out a worm farm base, 5 seedling trays, 4 punnet trays, and about 40 forestry tubes, and another 20 or so assorted small seedling pots. So of course we rescued them (along with some corrugated iron and colourbond that will go on the new coop and will make garden edging and beds, and some trays from an old fridge that will be converted to seedling punnets). Result!


Nicole said...

the potato bed looks great.
i wish we could have a sunday outing like yours, you cant take anything from our tip, the council is stingy

Margo said...

It's sad isn't it when legalities get in the way of recycling - technically we can't go 'shopping' at our tip either due to insurances etc but the tip man doesn't seem to notice if we leave with more than we arrived with - bless 'im! :*)

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