Friday, 22 August 2008

Beanz Heinz!

Inspired by Blubird over on ALS I decided it was time to can some beans.

First some overnight soaking, then I followed John Gross's method from Food Preserving at Home (boil 2 mins then soak again for an hour, then reheat). Then it was time to pack the jars, and pop them in the canner. I used Borlotti beans, and kidney beans. In 2 of the borlotti bean jars I popped a small piece of home cured bacon. Yum.

The canner is a bit of a beast - and the big warning labels aren't exactly comforting for first time users!!!

After about 1hr 45mins the whole process was finished, and voila 8 jars of 'canned' beans.

1 comment:

E said...

I am thinking of buying one of you recommend? Doesn't look like the canning pantry ship to here anymore yho' :(

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