Friday, 8 February 2008

it's in the can

er, well in the jar actually...but it's the same kinda thing. Recently I bought a canner - a lg pressure cooker that you can use to home preserve low acid foods like veges, meat etc. Think home made soup, pasta sauces, home made baked beans, or just plain veges.

Today I overcame my fear of the scary warning labels and used it for the first time. Nothing exotic, just a few jars of carrots. They seem to have worked! You can see them along with the tomatoes I bottled this morning, and the pickled beetroot and cucumber I also made this morning.


The cupboards are starting to fill up with chutneys, jams, bottled fruits and tomatoes, home dried foods, and a growing sack of home grown potatoes!

and finally here's todays harvest. No, it's not a mutant carrot - it's the beetroot (Burpees Golden) that time (and I) forgot!! The potatoes are kipfler, and all came from the one plant.

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Susie said...

Margo, this is Susie, please write me back, so I know you get this. Your mom is fine. She is at my mom's. She had a nice flight and they are hanging out together. Susie

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