Friday, 5 October 2007

Floor Pt 3

Still not complete, so they are going to have to come back on Saturday to finish. It's really frustrating as although the job started on Monday they have only actually worked one full day on it. If they had been able to start on Monday and work to the plan they told us they had, it would be done by now (well except for the trim round the edges but we weren't expecting to need as much so can't help that delay)

However, most of the house is done now, and it's looking great. IT is so nice to finally have the one floor covering for all the open plan areas of the house

These are a couple of samples of undercutting, where they cut into the wall a bit and slide the floor in so it looks like it was there before the walls. The whole house was supposed to be like this but sadly, it was not to be.

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