Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Still Raining!

24 hours later, and it's still raining! Fantastic!

Of course, the yard now resembles a mud pit where all the grass has died or been worn away by the dogs, but you can't have everything :*)


paulio santa del punky said...

I hope Jerry doesn't get too depressed with the grey skies & rain. He needs to keep some tears for when Man Utd crush Watford's dreams of a cup final at the new Wembley. Up the yellers

Anonymous said...

The words Watford, Cup Final and Wembley all in the same sentence. Let's hope we can still say it come May...
Can i just say now, before the comments start, that Watford have only 4% of Man U's turnover. So in theory if we lose by less than 25 goals then pound for pound we're a better team than them!
Come on you 'orns!

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