Monday, 11 December 2006

Bushfire free - so far

Luckily for us we're not in any immediate danger from the bushfires raging in North-Eastern Victoria, but it's pretty tense all the same. We often have a lot of smoke - and we are waking up to the smell and haze almost every day, even though the nearest fire is probably 35-40klm away. Even though you know the fires are not threatening you, it can be pretty disconcerting.

We're not being idle though - Jerry is on gutter cleaning duty, and we're trying as best we can to keep everything around the house raked up and pruned of any deadwood or other kindling material. The verandahs have never been so tidy! We also have our fire plan, firefighting kit, firepump, waterpistols (great for putting out spot fires according to the CFA - that was all the excuse Jerry needed!), water backpacks, bins, buckets etc at the ready. So it's a case of be prepared, keep fingers crossed, and hope for no more big thunderstorms that bring lightning but no rain.

Whatever happens, it's going to be a long, nervous summer. for the latest fire update information


pg said...

All of it is due to Global Warming, something that I was dismissive of when I first heard about it 7-8 yrs ago, except now what they predicted is coming true unfortunately, so I am converted (unlike the ridiculous idiot we have for a PM).

Hope there will be more unexpected cold days than hot days during this summer.. Unfortunately I get a feeling we'll get no such luck..

Anonymous said...

All of this is due to the excessive practice of two fingers upon the buttons of a Playstation controller in order to increase the speed and projection of a javelin in order to compete against the world champion, Michael Harris, in PS2 Olympics.
I was dismissive about this when I first heard about it 7-8 yrs ago, except now what they predicted is coming true, he just won't let it go.
This stubborn, excessive practice causes friction between the index and middle fingers, which in turn causes sparks, and we all know sparks will fly. Simply put, Nigel (Jerry) is an eco disaster waiting to happen. I appeal to the residents of Wongawongawoog to arm themselves, buckets, hoses, service revolver... this man has to understand that his mission is futile. Michael Harris (World Champion) can never be beaten.

Good day.

Jerry said...

You really have to let this issue go. One lucky throw and one lucky jump...
Let me just remind you that when we went mano to mano in the 800 metres in the Athens Olympics, a game of no little skill i might add rather than just brute force, you were beaten comprehensively not once, not twice, not even twenty times but probably more like fifty times in a row.
As a wise man (no, not you) once said, "Life is not a sprint, it's a snickers"

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