Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Spring Holidays Part 2 - Wanderers Lodge

After our lovely bush retreat at Demole it was timeto move to D'Estree bay and Wanderers Lodge.

As you can see the view was rubbish...........   :)

The bay was lovely............

And no holiday would be complete without a rock star moment, and a Little Britain moment....

We watched some seal yoga ....

and saw some of the clearest, bluest water...why do people travel to the Maldives when it's on our doorstep??!

I could say that Papa Jerry caught this King crab himself....but I would be lying!  This one is only a tiddler at a mere 3.5kg.

Friday, 20 November 2009

Spring Holidays Part 1 - Demole River

For our holidays this year we went to Kangaroo Island - via Adelaide to pick up the outlaws...er.. Jerry's Mum and Dad  :)  who had flown over from the UK for a visit.

Our first KI holiday destination was Demole river retreat. Yes, it IS as lovely as it looks on the website. Highly recommended if you love to really get away from it all.

Here's our welcoming committee - Bella and the gang

Bella is an orphaned kangaroo that the owner, Graham, hand reared after her mother was shot. She now has daughters and grandaughters, and Jack, the lone male grandson. We never got bored watching their antics, and always enjoyed their company, even though their table manners leave something to be desired! It's an interesting experience to wake up to the thumping of paws on the deck in the morning.

We enjoyed peace and quiet, a babbling creek, and nightly visits from possums and tamar wallabies. We saw plenty of birds, including yellow tailed black cockatoos, and there was even a koala on the morning of our departure.

Jerry, Papa Jerry and I took a short bushwalk to the coast one day to admire the view. There is no beach at the moment as winter storms wash the sand away, and then over spring it gradually builds up again.
We even ventured back along all the dirt and farm roads down to the south west corner of the island to visit the fur seal colony, and see the Remarkable Rocks and Admiral's Arch. The seal photo is a bit dodgy as it was taken by pointing my camera through my binoculars  :)

With views like this at the kitchen sink, no one really minded taking a turn to wash up.

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